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In winter weather, you may have noticed additional problems with your favorite canine pet. Whether the dog is allowed indoors or strictly outdoors, they can suffer from winter weather in the same way that humans do. If your dog has chapped ears, cold weather is probably a major culprit.

The animal may gather ice crystals in the fur of its ears, muzzle or tail. Its natural inclination is to scratch or bite at the crystals in order to remove the annoying feeling. This adds more moisture to the area which is already cold. Scratching roughens the skin and may result in breaks in the surface of the skin, causing infection. The dog’s chapped ears, cold weather, and moisture have combined to make a very uncomfortable pet.

Responsible pet owners will provide protection for outdoor pets in very cold weather, but even damp skin can make the animal feel cold, particularly on the ears which have less fur covering in many breeds and the blood is closer to the surface. So, a place where the animal can remain relatively dry and warm is critical in cold weather.

To help prevent dog chapped ears-cold-weather related-you may find the following tips helpful. Each time your indoor pet goes outside in cold weather, take the time to wipe the pads, ears and muzzle with a clean dry cloth.

You also can regularly apply herbal remedies such as aloe vera for additional protection from scratches and insect bites. Comfrey is a great cell building aid and when combined with cayenne is a mild stimulant with heating quality. Care should be taken in putting cayenne where the animal can lick it, as some will and some won’t.

Other marvelous herbs which are helpful in healing your dog’s chapped ears, cold weather syndrome, include St John’s Wort Oil, and Chamomile Cream. The great thing about these remedies is that they can be used on your dog or cat, but they are also helpful for you.

Responsible pet owners want what’s best for their animals. Food, shelter, medical help and lots of tender loving care all play a role in healthy and content pets. Make sure your dog’s chapped ears-cold pads, and nose don’t ruin its health by careful drying of the wet feet and nutritional assistance to its diet. The dog, like its human master needs plenty of water to drink and healthy food.

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